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Doing Homework At School: Is It Necessary?

Is it REALLY necessary to do your homework at school?

At school you see it everywhere you go. Students, hunched over their textbooks racing to get their homework done in time to hand it in. In High School, it really is not uncommon to find students who do all of their homework at school instead of at home. You’ll find these students doing math in English class, English class in Spanish, Spanish in Social Studies- it is a never-ending cycles. These are students who never work outside of the school walls and do all of their projects between lessons because they don’t believe in doing homework after school is dismissed for the day.

There is one problem with this and that is that students who do all of their homework at school often do a rushed job. They are usually behind meaning that their focus is more on getting the project done, and not on getting the project done well. This can lead to rather lackluster grades. Not to mention it can be very stressful to race for deadlines all of the time. Obviously, there are some issues with time management that need to be addressed. Maybe, it is a better idea to do your homework at home like you are supposed to?

Where Should You Do Your Homework?

The answer to the question “where should you do your homework?” is given away in the name. It is actually called “homework” for a reason. Believe it or not teachers do not assign homework as a cruel punishment. The purpose of homework is to encourage students to study at home, improve their time management skills, and take the time to consider what they have learnt outside of the classroom.

Although, doing your homework at home and not a school may feel like a nuisance it is a good habit to get into. Once you begin to attend post-secondary (College or University) there will be A LOT of homework that you are expected to finish. It should also be mentioned that your class instructors would not take nearly as kindly to you doing your assignments during their classes. Very quickly the reality will sink in that you can’t do your homework at school and have to do it after hours. This is why it is a good idea to get used to it in High School where the workload is less and the assignments are much easier to complete.

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