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How Homework Causes Stress And How To Deal With The Problem

It might be a good idea to complain about the amount of homework you receive each night. Studies have shown that students in high-achieving communities who spend several hours each night and on weekends trying to keep up with homework tend to have more health problems and experience a lot of stress.

Excessive homework can deprive one of sleep

As you begin to fall behind on your assignments you will find yourself staying up later into the night playing catch-up. In some cases, you may experience uneasy sleep as stress begins to build. This will begin to affect other parts of your life as you will be exhausted from what many call sleep debt.

Lack of sleep can lead to a lack of focus in class

If you miss out on just one or two hours of the recommended 8-hour sleep for students, you will find a decrease in your ability to focus in class. There isn’t much of a secret concerning the effects of a lack in focus. You will have a hard time retaining lessons and will struggle to complete your homework even more.

Falling behind can damage self-esteem

By now you may be experiencing serious stress as your grades begin to suffer and you can’t seem to dig yourself out of this giant hole created by simply having too much homework. Unfortunately, this isn’t the last of the adverse effects. You’ll begin to notice your self-esteem fall as other students begin to show signs of clear advancement while you may begin to doubt your abilities to achieve academically.

Solution Idea: Develop a plan and schedule

One of the most effective methods of dealing with stress caused by homework is to develop a plan and schedule each week. Look at your assignments and set up milestones for having them done the night before they are due. Next, work back from those milestones and set up a schedule for completing each of the required tasks on earlier days of the week.

Solution Idea: Speak with your instructor

It’s also a good idea to speak with your instructor so that he or she knows that you are having trouble dealing with your take home assignments. It might simply be an issue of how effectively an instructor is able to cover material during class lessons while faced with the challenged of increased class-size and fewer resources.

Solution Idea: Get some online homework help

If after you’ve tried the first two solution ideas you are still having trouble finishing your assignments and are still experiencing stress, you should seriously consider seeking extra help from a professional homework service. These are highly efficient, low-cost alternatives to trying to deal with difficult assignments on your own.

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