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How to Deal with Preschool Homework Effectively

Preschool homework can be hard. Dealing with it effectively can be even harder. When you have a little one who is learning to do homework for the first time you should be cognizant of how limited their attention span is and what ways they like to learn. Do not force homework upon them in a cruel fashion or they will learn to hate it. But instead work with them to make homework fun. Offer rewards upon completion so that they are motivated. Let them take breaks when they are stressed. It is best to pay close attention to the things they are telling you because they likely know what their brain can handle more than you. Below are some additional tips on dealing with homework effectively:

  1. You want them to try and work on homework a little bit each day. If you put aside ten minutes or so each day to study then set a timer for ten minutes. This will free up their mind from trying to constantly look at the clock or trying not to miss their favorite show on television. If you have a timer set the children will know to work straight through until they hear the buzzer at which point they stop their homework.
  2. Just as important as a set time and timer for the children’s homework is a nice homework space in which to study. You should find a space that is comfortable and free from distractions for them. If you have a choice you should try and work away from the television or siblings. There are fewer distractions there.
  3. Make sure that the work environment for the kids is physically comfortable. If you are reading make sure you have a comfortable chair and won’t get cramped. If you are working on a computer try and keep your monitor at eye level.
  4. Help them to stay organized. Try and collect all of the things the children will need in one place and keep them there. If it helps buy a storage container and keep all of their homework items in there and carry it around with you when they go to do homework. This can be quite helpful if their homework area changes regularly or the child is forced to attend lots of sibling soccer games or go to grandparents’ houses after school.

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