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Are There any Schools with No Homework Policy?

Today, many students and their parents consider no-homework policy as a good idea while scientists conclude that there is a positive correlation between the amount of assigned homework and students’ learning achievements. In most countries, families can find schools that do not have homework. Schools’ websites provide information on homework policies and the main reasons why students should or should not do additional assignments at home.

Some teachers still think that homework is required in order to improve students’ performance, so there are ongoing debates on how much homework is just right. They claim that

  • Students cannot effectively consolidate what they learned during the school day without doing homework.
  • They need more practice with ideas, concepts, and problem-solving approaches.
  • Homework helps students master their skills and gain necessary competences.
  • Young people need homework in order to learn self-discipline, time management skills, and develop good study habits.
  • They spend less time online, watching TV, and playing video games.
  • Homework improves rote learning skills.

Although these claims seem right, there are some counterarguments that each party should keep in mind, such as

  • Students lose interest in doing their homework because it is not corrected quickly.
  • Doing many tasks after school is stressful.
  • Students often have to study during weekends instead of spending time with their family and friends.
  • They do not actively participate in doing household chores.
  • Parents spend plenty of time checking homework assignments and helping their children complete them.
  • Every person needs some time to relax and pursue hobbies.
  • Most parents agree that homework often keeps their children up late at night.
  • Many students do not have sufficient resources to do homework efficiently.

So, there are numerous pros and cons on homework issue. Meanwhile, even schools that declare no-homework policy ask their students to do the reading at home. In other words, every student should complete lots of reading assignments after classes. Besides, teachers often do not have enough time to explain all the material, so they ask students to learn it at home.

Any kind of homework should be relevant to important learning objectives; it should be interesting and deepen students’ understanding of the vital material. It is great when students see practical approaches and can use the obtained skills while doing their school projects, volunteering, or working part-time jobs. Therefore, they will understand why it makes sense to do their homework and have more practice. Teachers should ensure that homework is well designed, improve problem-solving skills, and has reasonable timetables.

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