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How to Make Homework Fun: a Simple Strategy

When you are struggling with homework assignments, there are a few things you can do to simplify your workload and make the process easier.

  1. Write down your assignments in one place. Being able to look at a weekly or daily calendar, and seeing all of your course assignments for that particular day or week is much easier than trying to track down the random pieces of paper or book pages on which you jotted down the assignment for each class. Keeping an organized and singular list of your tasks will enable you to properly manage your time and get everything done that you need, without forgetting two assignments until the night before they are due.
  2. Once you have all of your assignments written down, you should compartmentalize. Break down each task into something manageable. If you have a set of thirty math problems and two science quizzes to complete online, do not try and get them all done in the same day. Spread it out over the week so that you can focus better when you sit down to work. Try and schedule half of your math problems and one science quiz on Tuesday and the other half and the second quiz on Thursday. This will give you one day off in between, and can be a useful strategy if you have practices, rehearsals, or other extra curricular activities you must fit into your already busy schedule.
  3. Set goals for yourself. But write them down. Writing down the goal will solidify it in your mind. Write down what you want to get done that day, such as half of your math problems and one science quiz. Make sure these goals are manageable. Do not set a goal you know you will not reach. Doing this will only make it harder for you to focus.
  4. When you work, make sure that you do the most difficult task first. It seems very appealing for students to get the easier things “out of the way” when they first sit down to work, but this is not an effective strategy because you will use all of your initial focus and motivation on the easier tasks that don’t require it, and then find that you are burned out or antsy by the time you have to work on the more difficult tasks.
  5. Make sure you work in a quiet space that is free from distractions. Leave your phone in the other room and turn off the internet until you need it.

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