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How Can I Do My Homework in a More Effective Way: a List of Suggestions

Students often struggle to manage a heavy course load with limited time, jobs, and extra-curricular activities. Finding ways to do your homework efficiently means that you are making more effective use of your time and effort. Feeling like you are controlling your course work, instead of having your course work control you, is a great feeling.

It can be done! Here is a list of suggestions to make sure that you are getting your homework assignments done as effectively as possible.

Have You Set Up A Schedule?

A few weeks into your term, you will have an idea of what to expect in terms of homework from which instructors. Allocate a certain amount of time to each of your courses every night, or second night, as appropriate. Keep a calendar, and mark the due dates of any major assignments, term papers or exams on it. This way you will always know what lies over the horizon, and won't let any due dates slip by unnoticed.

Are You Organized?

So much time can be wasted digging through papers and class notes, or searching for computer files that have gone MIA. Organize your paperwork into folders, and keep your computer files updated, properly labeled, and always backed up! Before you begin work on a homework assignment, hunt down everything you will need to complete it.

By having the necessary notes and resource material close at hand, you will make more effective use of your time. Put other books and unrelated material away until you have finished work on the assignment in front of you.

Do You Have A Special Study Spot?

You will find it far easier to focus on getting your homework finished if you are relaxed, comfortable and undisturbed. Many students find that having a corner of their flat reserved as a study space helps them work more efficiently. It can also serve as a signal to flatmates or family. When you are in the study spot, it means “do not disturb”.

Turn off your mobile, and no texting, facebook or tweets are allowed! You'll save time by being less distracted, and more focused on finishing your homework. That means more free time later to spend with friends and family.

Give Yourself A Break

Reward yourself with a coffee or sweet after you have finished an assignment. Many people cannot stay focused for longer than half an hour on one particular topic or task. Take a break. Stretch, walk the dog or take a bath before you start round two!

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