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Homework Advice for School Students: 7 Things You Should Know

Homework can be an easy way to boost a grade. You are able to complete the work at home, with access to many help aids, so there is no reason you should not be successful. We have outlined some simple steps students can take to smoothly and successfully complete their homework assignments.

  1. Focus on Lesson: While listening to your instructor lecture in class you want to intently focus on the lesson. The teacher is giving his/her expert advice on the subject, and this is the best insight for successfully completing your homework. Take notes during lecture and complete any practice problems or discussion questions presented. These notes and feedback will be helpful when you are working individually at home.
  2. Ask Questions: During the lesson if there is something you feel unclear about then do not hesitate to ask questions. Your teaching is teaching you a new concept, and it is understandable, if not expected, for you to have questions. It is better to get further clarification during class time rather than later relying on self-teaching. If the assistance you get in class time is not enough then do not hesitate to reach out further.
  3. Write Down Assignments: Although this seems like an obvious tip, writing down your homework assignment can be massively helpful. Nothing is worse then getting home and knowing you have homework due the following day—to realize you have no idea what has been assigned. Keeping an agenda with your homework assignments in it will help guarantee homework completion.
  4. Set Aside Time: Often our lives feels too busy for homework. After attending school and finishing a full day with activities, work, and study—it can be hard to find the motivation for homework. A good way to fight off this feeling is by carving out time in your day to get your homework completed.
  5. Review Lesson: Before beginning your homework it is smart to review the lesson or new concept the homework is testing. By brushing up on your lesson, notes, and practice/discussion questions you are able to complete your homework with the new concept(s) fresh in your mind.
  6. Tackle Questions: Once you have reviewed the lesson and new concepts, and feel confident about the new information, it is time to tackle your homework questions. There should be no sense of rush, since you have carved out time for your homework. Slowly and steadily work through the assignment.
  7. Check Answers: Finally, you will want to check the answers and work you have completed. You may need to rework a problem, reread your writing or review a concept. Take the necessary steps to double check your work.

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