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Useful tips on how to get your child to do homework effortlessly

Doing homework can be a chore - almost as much of a chore as getting your children to do their own! Setting them down after a long day at school to do extra work can be an absolute battle, but it so important. There are, though, several ways to make things easier and, sometimes, even fun! Below are some really useful tips on getting your children to do their homework without the stress and effort.

  • Do their work with them
  • Honestly, most children, particularly in primary school and lower secondary school, just want your time: it doesn’t matter what you’re doing! So it you agree to sit down with them for a couple of hours after school to do their homework, it will surprise you how much more eager they’ll be to get cracking. You don’t need to do anything more interesting or special than just talk things through with them, make sure they’re getting the right answers or respond to questions they might have. In the end, you may well end up enjoying it even more than they do!

  • Make a game of it all
  • Making homework a little more fun can take a little creativity on your part, but once you’ve put in that little bit of extra thought, the rest of the process it's absolutely effortless. Without taking the focus off of the homework, try to make a game of things. If you’re studying spellings for English, run around the house and find the objects that your child needs to spell, or makeup stories with the words in them and create interesting ways to remember the exceptions to the rules. Try to make things a little more interactive, because this will stimulate your child, and they are more likely to remember the things they’ve learned with you while doing their work.

  • Give rewards
  • Children respond positively to positive rewards - they don’t react so well to punishment. So the trick is to offer rewards for getting through the work without having a tantrum, or for doing something particularly well, for instance. Make sure that you don’t always fall back on sweet snacks as an incentive, as this isn’t always healthy. Instead, say something like ‘if you finish all your work for this week, we’ll go bowling on the weekend’ and other such things, time- and money permitting, of course. With these simple tricks, you’ll never have to battle your child at homework time ever again!

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