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Why Homework Should Be Banned: 5 Undeniable Reasons

There is constant and vociferous debate going on the fate of homework. While a school of thought thinks it is essential for the shaping of a student’s life; a majority think it is a relic from a past era and does more harm than help.

Here are 5 reasons why home assignments should be shown the door. Five absolute reasons!

  1. It is a fact that students have to devote much of their study time to school assignments. This gives them very little time to actually pursue different subjects and read holistically. Yet, it has been so ingrained in the teaching approaches that students have been grinning and bearing it for long. Perhaps the time has come!
  2. It is also a fact that most students have a tenable fear towards one or other subject. Generally, it is Math, but some may even dread History or Language. Now, if there were no assignments, they could happily concentrate on the demonic subject and grab the essence in depth. The assignments verily defeat this purpose and makes students think on a linear line.
  3. There are quite a few students who feel bogged by the compulsion of schools. Sadly, when they come home and think they have got a chance to relax, they have yet another compulsion looming over them in the form of assignment. While they can carry general studies according to their convenience, even skipping them on days they wish; they cannot accord the same treatment to assignments.
  4. Assignments act as a major obstacle between kids and family time. They cannot mingle with parents and siblings and share the highs and lows for they have to concentrate on home tasks and make sure they pass muster. This breeds rancor and frustration in kids towards curriculum and even the school.
  5. The biggest problem with assignments is that it makes kids think on parochial lines only. Most of them have a feeling that they just have to revise the assignment copy and their preparation for exams will be sound. They are dissuaded from going the whole hog and walking out of the perimeters of daily assignments. In the main, they tend to remain a frog in the well.

Owing to the mentioned reasons, it seems admissible and even rational that homework should be banned. At least, it should be regulated and truncated so that students can adjust them into their study time without any fuss. There will then be an element of rapture in this.

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