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How To Do Your Homework On The Novel By John Green

John green, the American young adult fiction writer and youtuber has delivered some of the best novel in the romance and young adult fiction genre which have given rise to much critical studies among students and critics of literature alike. Some of his best known novels are The Fault in Our Stars (2012), Looking for Alaska (2006) which won him the Printz Award and was also his debut novel.

The other works include An Abundance of Katharine, Paper Towns, Will Grayson etc. he is also known for his educational videos and as a historian and video blogger. Taking into account the popularity of his works among youngsters, these novels have actually made place of their own in the syllabus of many school curriculum and so becoming a part of the homework assignments is perhaps inevitable for these novels. To deals with assignments regarding these novels by John Green, you can do the following things to make it fun and easier:

  1. Watch the movies based on these novels: The novels like The Fault in Our Stars have already been made into a movie and a movie based on “Paper town” is soon to be released. If you minutely watch the movie, you will get a good idea of the story altogether.
  2. Read the novel on which you are assigned homework or go through a reliable summary of the plot: if time is short, go through a reliable summary that is easily available online but it is best to read the entire novel and analyze it in your own terms. Since these are teenage fictions, you are likely to understand them easily and will be able to analyze them better than any other genre of literary works.
  3. Understand the topic of your homework before starting with it: read through the question and understand what exactly is being asked to do, if it is a critical analysis of the whole novel you really cannot refrain from going through the novel itself.
  4. Do not copy notes from any popular source: there are plenty of notes of different kind available online and you should not copy them if you want a grade that is more than average. Write your own views on the subject and the originality of your work is going to fetch you more marks than what you may usually get from copying.

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